Mountain Biking in Fort Duffield, Louisville, Kentucky USA

458 ft / 139 m
Louisville is the 28th most populous city in the United States and the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is also since 2003 the nominal and historical seat of Jefferson County. The city of Louisville is gifted with many recreational parks and other places ideal for total entertainment of both locals and foreign visitors.

If you ever visit Louisville and are a mountain bike enthusiast, don’t miss to enjoy yourself in a place that has a lot to offer to all mountain bike junkies. Fort Duffield is a famous place for the experience of mountain biking. It is located in Louisville, Kentucky and it is known as the heaven for mountain biking.

Fort Duffield sits at an elevation of 458 ft / 139 m and offers great conditions for an exciting mountain biking activity. In this singletrack you will find 10 mi / 16 km of trails that are greatly maintained. The routes of the trails are well marked with paint on trees. Taking into account that the spot is famous for the effort and the vigorously building of the trails, it is certain that you will have a new experience.

The spot offers multiple routes, with great downhills and climbs. Moreover, the descent of Fort Duffield is about 1400 ft / 426 m and the ascent is about 1500 ft /457 m . Note that the spot is addressed mostly to advanced bikers.

This perfect place in harmony with the friendly locals, will definitely uplift your mood. So, don’t miss visiting this spot, because as you can see it is imperative to be here!