Mountain Biking in Riksgränsen Resort, Kiruna, Sweden

Best time to visit:
Average June Temperature:
5 - 14°C/41 - 57.2°F
Riksgransen ski resort is located in Kiruna Municipality, Lapland, Sweden. The spot is located at 200 km/124 mi in the north of the Arctic Circle and in the vicinity of the Norwegian borders. The spot is considered to be the ultimate destination for snow fans since the spot is Sweden's longest snow covered location. However, when snow melts down, the spot offers ideal mountain biking opportunities.

Riksgränsen is a destination mostly on mountains with bike trails either at Norway’s or Sweden’s part. The natural environment of the area, with the well trodden hiking paths make this area perfect for mountain biking.

Bike until the borders with Norway, it’s less than a kilometer /half a mile away, or until Bjorkliden ski resort, a 30 km/18.6 mi long trip across Vassijaure, Laktajaure and Paktajaure lakes. In June, a long distance endurance cycle event is taking place from the north to the south of Sweden.

The Sverigetempot. It’s a 2100 km/1305 mi long trip, lasting about 216 hours, with starting point at Riksgränsen and finish point at Smygehamn. During the first night of the ride, bikers have the opportunity to ride under the midnight sun. Advanced bikers are expected on this event to ride for several days with minimal support or service.

Be aware of reindeer and wild animals with the long rain periods being avoided. Temperatures until May are below zero, with June to August being the warmest ones. Riksgransen resort offers many services available to bikers, like training schools, cafe and restaurant, medical facilities and resting areas, sauna etc.