Quad Biking in Claiborne Multi-Use Trails, Alexandria, Louisiana USA

Trails length:
74 mi / 119 km
150 - 225 ft / 46 - 68.5 m
Limitations / Fee:
Yes / Per rider, camping
Alexandria is a city situated on the south bank of the Red River in Louisiana, USA. The city is located in almost the exact geographic center of the state. Alexandria is the principal city of the Alexandria Metropolitan Area and the parish seat of Rapides Parish.

Forest Hill is a city near Alexandria, which is very popular due to the existence of an incredible off road trail network, Claiborne Multi-Use Trails. The area is extremely famous among quad bikers and offers 74 mi/119 km of well marked, not rated and heavily maintained woods trails that form a play area along with three separate loops.

The trail system rests at an elevation of 150 to 225 ft/46 to 68.5 m and you can enjoy its amazing features all year round. At the spot, you will come across hard pack in the biggest part of the trails, trees everywhere as it is in the forest, offering their shadow to cool off during warm days, some small jumps, loose dirt, sand, mud, rocks and a few berms.

The trails are suitable for amateurs, little experts and some novices. The area is ultra crowded during the weekends. Although it is opened all year long, it is suggested that you call first, as some of the trails might be temporarily closed due to wet soil conditions. Camping is allowed in some places, but bear in mind that it is primitive, so come well prepared. There is a fee per rider and a camping fee.

In order to use these trails, you will have to follow some rules. An end cap or a spark arresting silencer is mandatory for all vehicles. There is a noise limit of 99 db and a maximum vehicle width limitation of 50 in/127 cm or else it won’t fit through gate or posts. The tires should not exceed 1 in/2.5 cm in tread depth.

Generally, it is a very good off road trail network and it is highly recommended to spend at least a couple of days, in order to explore all possible trails and enjoy driving your quad bike!