Mountain Biking in Formigal, Huesca, Aragon Spain

Circular track :
Acummulative elevation:
El Formigal is located in the Aragon's Pyrenees mountains, near the borders of northern Spain with France in the province of Huesca. There are four different high valleys that can be reached by car or bus.

El Formigal is a ski resort located in the Aragon’s Pyrenees mountains, near the borders of northern Spain with France.

During the warmer months, when the snow is melted, the spot becomes an ideal location for mountain biking and offers many different trails in the surrounding area. Temperatures vary from 3 to 24°C/37.4 to 75.2°F with January being the coldest month and August the warmest.

The main trail is a circular track of around 64 km (40 mi), with an accumulated elevation of 1484 m (4868 ft). The highest point is at 1818 m (5964 ft) and the lowest one at 1158 m (3799 ft). It takes you through spectacular scenery like the lakes Lanuza, Escarra, Bubal and Les Paules O de Tramacastilla and there are also many small villages you can visit. There are a few shops, training schools and clubs in the area, where you can buy, repair or even rent your equipment.