Mountain Biking in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic

4 Different
Skill Level:
All Levels
Route Length:
14.5km/9mi to 29.5km/18.3mi
2 to 4 hrs
The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, in the northern Caribbean Sea. The Haiti nation is standing on the western side of the same island. Santo Domingo, the capital city is situated on the southern side of Dominican Republic.

If you are mountain bike enthusiasts, you will absolutely get excited about Jarabacoa and its surrounding area. There are 4 different routes depending on level of difficulty, that you should definitely try. Actually, you could try them either with your family or alone, if you are more experienced. However, each one offers beautiful landscape and breathtaking views.

Baiguate Waterfall and Jimenoa Waterfall are two routes feasible to all members of family. The length of the first route is 14.5 km/9 mi, while the second is 15 km/9.3 mi long. The duration of those two routes is about 2 hours each. Waterfall Combination is a more advanced route with a length of 29.5 km/18.3 mi and a duration of approximately 3.5 hours. Finally, for the experts of this amazing extreme sport, there is another route called ”Expert Route”. Its length is 25 km/15.5 mi and its duration is about 4 hours.

Impressive waterfalls, the longest rivers of the Caribbean, the proximity of the tallest mountains in the Antilles and cool temperatures, make this spot unique for your mountain biking adventure.