Mountain Biking in Holiday Valley, Ellicottville, New York USA

Beginners and advanced
Singeltracks and cross country trails
Holiday Valley is one of the most well known winter destinations, located in Ellicottville, just one hour south of Buffalo. Many people feel exhilarated visiting this place, as here they can fulfill their expectations.

With a variety of summer and winter activities, friendly atmosphere, great conditions for both activities and recreation, Holiday Valley will make you experience what is called best vacations. What’s better than exploring this environment by practicing the most pleasurable activity. Mountain Biking!!“Mountain Biking at Holiday Valley”

Start your activity with the 4-5 mi/6.45-8 km “race loop” at the Holiday Valley Training Center and go up gradually to the top of Cindy’s. From there you can choose to ride the wider cross country trails or skinny winding singletrack leading you the top of Eagle, Cochran Pond at the top of the Morning Star and into the Tannenbaum area. Please take into account that for safety reasons, you may not ride through the Sky High Adventure Park. Several signs will lead you around the area and back to training center.

A lot of single track trails off the main route are available for thrill seeker mountain bikers. The fact that IMBA has rated the trails around Ellicottville as “Epic”, makes the spot attractive to many people from all over the world. In order to mountain bike in Holiday Valley, you are kindly requested to wear a helmet, bring a map, ride with a friend and stay off the golf course and Sky High. Mountain Bike rentals for 3 or 6 hours are available at the Inn at Holiday Valley.