Canyoning in Sierra De Guara, Huesca, Aragon Spain

42°17′N 0°13′W
2077 m (6814 ft)
Whoever used to underestimate canyoning, no longer will, because of the magical nature introduced in "Sierra De Guara" that is found in Spain.

Canyoning is travels between canyons by walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling, and swimming. Choosing the right area to exert this sport is quite important. Sierra De Guara is a mountain of Huesca province, the most northerly province in the autonomous community of Aragon in Spain. Its highest point is Tozal de Guara in 2077 m/6814 ft. The area is sparsely populated with a number of villages including Alquezar and Rodellar. Furthermore, to the northeast is the historic city of Ainsa and to the south is Barbastro.

Sierra De Guara offers wonderful and magical nature to explore while you travel in canyons. Here and generally in Spain, there are narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls and some spectacular waterfalls. This area is well-known for canyoning opportunities, as it provides many gorges. Rock climbing and caving are also practiced whilst others enjoy walking and wildlife-watching.

Regarding to how you can learn to travel in canyons, it is no big deal if you take the risk. There are plenty of schools ready to teach you, as much as wonderful hotels to rest and enjoy traditional Spanish dishes. What you have to do is to decide to dare it and feel like nobody can feel, exploding your bad feelings. If you are afraid to try, come over and cope with your fears, admiring the magical view of the area!