Mountain Biking in Chuck Wagon Trail, Sedona, Arizona USA

4622 ft / 1408 m
The beautiful city of Sedona straddles the county line between Coconino and Yavapai counties in the northern Verde Valley region in Arizona. Sedona is a place that offers many cultural sites, recreational opportunities, impressive landscapes and that's why it attracts about 4 million visitors every year.

Sedona is a place that attracts many mountain biking enthusiasts, offering great conditions for the ultimate adventure of this activity. Chuck Wagon Trail is a very popular trail among mountain biking junkies.

The trail incorporates the original Chuck Wagon with what was once locally known as “Gunslinger”. It is considered as one of the modern mountain biking trails and is addressed to all intermediate bikers. Once you park your car, you will find a sign that will lead you to the trail.

While riding this 11 mi / 18 km singletrack you pass through some amazing technical areas, lots of shade and really stunning views. The trail flows nicely and has some rocky sections, as well as some small and medium steps up and down. The elevation of the trail is 4622 ft /1408 m. Furthermore, the descent of the trail is about 1400 ft /426 m, while the ascent is about 1500 ft /457 m.

So, try to have some gentle climbs and pretty tricks in one of the well-known trails of Sedona.