Mountain Biking in Leif Erikson Drive, Portland, Oregon USA

22.6 mi/36.4 km out and back
This is a nice trail for mountain biking, located in a forested area, very close to Portland.

It is a 22.6 mi/36.4 km road out and back, made of dirt and gravel. It is a pleasant ride through the trees, offering some isolation from the busy city and together with the view of Portland through some openings, creates a really nice scenery.

Some mountain bikers consider this a great get away, conveniently located so close to the town. Forest Park is one of the largest parks in the area and a lot of people spend some leisure time here. For instance many visit the park for running or hiking, so be extra careful and control your speed. The maximum elevation of the road is more or less 300 meters and a disadvantage is that at certain points the road is not very well marked, so one should be cautious. If you are a visitor in this area, you will find accommodation and dinning spots in the town of Portland.