Hot Air Ballooning in Monument Valley, Kayenta, Arizona USA

School :
Flight's height:
1000 ft / 300 m
Monument Valley is a famous region of the Colorado Plateau. It is situated on the Arizona-Utah state line close to Four Corners area. Monument Valley has been an inspiring place for a lot of actors, as many movies have been shot here.

Taking into account the descriptions of those who visited Monument Valley, we can ensure that there is no better place for the experience of Hot Air Ballooning.

Monument Valley has appeared in many movies and attracts a vast number of people who tend to enjoy every second of their  life. If you feel that you are one of them, then you should try to experience Hot Air Ballooning in Monument Valley.

It features a number of sandstone buttes. The highest peak is 1000 ft / 300 m above the valley floor. Be aware that your flight will last about 1 hr, counting on weather conditions. Before your flight, you will have the chance to learn some interesting things about this historic place and admire the breathtaking views. Once you have received a small briefing from your leader, it’s time for you to enjoy this thrilling activity.

From the height of 1000 ft /  300 m you can capture all the beauty of this place, as well as the colorful nicknames of sandstones like The Mittens, Totem Pole, The Thumb, and Three Sisters.

If you find yourself  in Monument Valley during January, you will have the chance to be present at the annual event that is being promoted by the Navajo Parks and Recreation organization. The event gathers more than 5000 visitors. Try not to miss it!!