Mountain Biking in Leogang Bikepark, Salzburg, Salzburg Austria

Max trail lenght:
100 m /328 ft long of pro line
Experienced only
Salzburg is the capital of the federal state of Salzburg and the fourth largest city in Austria. Salzburg is situated on the banks of the Salzach River at the northern boundary of the Alps. Salzburg is very famous as it represents the birth place of the 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Except from that, Salzburg is also known for its big sporting activity.

Mountain Biking Freeride style is very popular in the Salzburg area. Leogang Bike Park is only an hour away in the southwest of Salzburg and is offered to the bikers as the ideal hotspot for insane downhills! One very popular trail in Leogang Bikepark is Bongo Bongo.

It is a free-ride trail that diverts from Flying Gangster (the other free-ride trail) for about half way down. The trail is spiced up with a lot of solid rock sections, wall-rides, north shore and berms.

Obstacles are 16 wall-rides, 2 wooden wall-rides, 4 roller, 7 wooden bridges, 2 tables, 4 north shores where you will find trails of 100 m /328 ft long of pro line, a second one of 30 m / 98.5 ft and a third one of 25 m /82 ft. Last but not least, 2 root alleys are also available where you will find two trails of 50 m /164 ft long and 20 m /65.7 ft respectively.

The trail is made only for experienced riders that are looking for a flow. It is an awesome trail that you should definitely try!