Mountain Biking in Afrati, Euboea, Central Greece Region Greece

Total length:
20km (12.44mi)
31- 443m (11.68- 1453.04ft)
Altitude difference (ascent) :
478m (1567.84ft)
Altitude difference (descent) :
477m (1564.56ft)
Difficulty level:
Afrati is a small village in the regional unit of Euboea island in Greece, in the commune of Liladia. It's covered by a large forested area of pine trees. The fresh air, the graphic character and the simplicity of life are some of the treasures of this region. Afrati, which means ''fluffy'' in Greek, took its name after the fact that the soil around the village is fertile and soft for agricultural purposes.

The spot shares a privileged location, where sun gives its best sunshine. The olive trees, the vineyard and the fruit trees represent village’s guards. Afrati is located at only 8.3 km /5.16 mi from Chalkida, the main town of Euboea island. It’s well known for the strange phenomenon, that take place in the bridge of Evripos.

The direction of the water changes every six hours, with an intermediate stagnation for one hour. The bridge opens up when the water of tide brings the water upstream. Inside the old bridge, there is a nice cafeteria, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

For those, who better prefer a mountain  bike adventure than a cup of coffee, then Afrati is the right place. You can explore the forest, clean up your mind and enjoy the route. There is a  XC ‘point to point’ route, where mountain bike races take place. The free riders, can start their adventure trip from the bridge of Afrati, following the ground street, parallel of  Lila’s riverbed. The termination of the route is in Lefko, where you can find the facilities of an old mine. The total length of the route is 20 km /12.44 mi long and the altitude is from 31 to 443 m /11.68 to 1453.04 ft. The altitude difference of the ascent is 478 m (1567 ft) and for the descent is 477 m (1564 ft).

In case you need an expert near the spot, you can find a mountain bike school. Trained staff love nature as much as you do, and they can give you the opportunity to feel the passion, the adrenaline and the mystery of the mountain. Last, but not least, near Afrati you can find lovely accommodation options, restaurants and coffee shops, where you can spend your free time with your friends and family.