Snowboarding in Chelmos, Achaea, Peloponnese Region Greece

2355 m/7726 ft
Snowboard piste:
Artemis3, Snow Park
Chelmos is a mountain range in Achaea, in the Peloponnese region, in southern Greece. It's also known as Aroania and it's the highest mountain of Achaea (2355 m/7726 ft). The largest town near this beautiful mountain, is Kalavryta. The fresh air and the wild beauty of the pine forests give this place a mystery that makes you not to wanna leave the place. The grasslands and the barren rock protect this treasure. Let the butterflies lead you to the Cave of the Lakes, where you can find strange rock formations and beautiful lakes.

There is a magic moment, when the snow starts to make a delicate veil, that even the snow white might be jealous. For those, who are not that much fond of the fairy tails, keep only the snow and take your board, because it’s time for snowboard. Feel the adrenaline, while you move your body keenly and leave a mantle of snow behind you.

The snow center of Chelmos gives to the free-riders an unlimited power of emotions. There are lots of powder runs for every level, with natural obstacles, that make your dirty game with the snow more adventurous. The Artemis 3, is an untrodden piste for the hardy snowboarders. From the top of Artemis to the parking, you can find virgin snow ready for your wild instincts.

For private snowboard moments, there is the snow-park. It’s the only snowboard park in Greece, with rails and half pipes for those who want to leave their worries behind and keep only the adrenaline. The park is in the Deep Lakka stead. There are snowboard schools, with experts who can show you how the games with the snow can make your body get burned out.

When you don’t snowboard, you can take a ride in Kalavryta, where you can find nice restaurants and bars, and spend time with your friends or listen the myths of the region and the hidden secrets of the mountain by the hospitable local residents. And, for your relaxing time, the lovely accommodations are waiting for you.