Surfing in Nissakia, Loutsa (Artemida), Attica Region Greece

Best wind direction:
Average air temperature:
12-30°C/ 53.60-86°F
Average wind speed:
7 knots/13 kph
Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
Best time to visit:
March, April, May, August, October, November, December
Loutsa (aka Artemis) is situated in east Attica, Greece and is a suburban town about 25 km/16 mi east of Athens, north of Lavrio, northeast of the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and south of Rafina. Artemis or Artemida is located on a plain with some forested mountains to the northwest and a deforested rocky mountain to the south, in a farm setting full of grasslands, some rocks and groves, pine forests and farmlands.

One of the most known places among surfers in Loutsa is Nissakia. It is a surfing hot-spot that welcomes every ambitious surfer. Especially on windy days, the place becomes a surfing heaven and it is ultra crowded with all type of water sport athletes, ready to practice their favorite sport. All types of surfers are allowed.

Beginners can learn how to surf in a day, when it is not so windy and intermediate surfers and experts will have a blast on windy days. The usual wind speed is 7 knots/13 kph and the wind blows at its best form from the north, northwest and north-northwest. The beach is small, but beautiful, sandy and with pebbles and dirt at the shore.

There aren’t any swimmers or beach users at the spot, because of the rocks and trees. The wave has an excellent quality, it is choppy and small less than 1 m/3.3 ft, the waters are crystal clear and there is tide independence. However, when the strength and direction of the thermal, frontal wind synchronize, they make excellent waves.

Please be careful of some dangers, as sea-urchins, reefs, animals and rocks near the shore. It is a very good surfing spot worthy to be visited.