Mountain Biking in Isar River, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Route length:
31 mi/49.8 km
Ride type:
80% off-road
Elevation change:
500 ft/152.4 m
Average speed:
17-20 mph/27.4-32.2 kph
Munich is the capital of Bavaria State and one of its biggest cities. It is situated in the north of the Bavarian Alps on the River Isar and it is the third largest city in Germany, just behind Berlin and Hamburg.

Isar River flows through Munich, creating a beautiful scenery. A popular sport along Isar River in winter when it is snowy is Mountain Bike. The ride starts in front of the European Patent Office and continues for 31 mi/49.8 km long to a beautiful route that lasts about 3 hours.

During winter the snow is at about 30 cm /11 in, so this might make cycling difficult. There is a lot of cold and sometimes you may have to leave the off-road path because of the snow. The ride is 80% off-road but has a lot of fast foot paths. Surroundings are magnificent especially this time of the year.

You will pass through white forests covered with snow and feel the fresh odor of pine trees. Without snow, it is a fairly easy ride. While riding, you come along an elevation change of 500 ft/152.4 m. The biggest elevation changes are between mile 11 to 15 and 18 to 22. Average speed is at 17-20 mph/27.4-32.2 kph.