Ice Climbing in Riksgränsen, Kiruna, Sweden

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Riksgransen ski resort is located in Kiruna, Lapland. The resort is located at 200 km/124 mi in the north of the Arctic Circle and very close to the borders with Norway. It is the country's wettest place, with large amount of snow received.

Riksgränsen is Sweden’s most legendary ski resort, in the vicinity of the Norwegian borders. Sweden offers three main areas for ice climbing, one of them is Kiruna. The temperature until May is very low, often reaching -20°C/-4°F (January and February).

Riksgränsen is the starting point for many climbers to the nearby area. You can climb on Katterat, at 7.5 km / 4.6 mi in the southwest of the resort (about 6 pitches). The climb starts above the Rombakselva river which is connected with the Rombaken fjord. It is facing south and is close to sea level, at about 110 m /360 ft in height.

Another great climb spot is at 10 km /6.2 mi in the west of the ski resort, namely The Troll (Trollet). Early in winter it is possible to perform a 130 m /426 ft high climb on a frozen waterfall (about 3 pitches). One pitch with 70 degree ice, another with 80 and on the top, there is a low angle one. Be very careful with Wind slab avalanches.

In the end of February, Abisko holds the “Abisko Ice Climbing Festival” (AICF). A meeting point for all ice climbing enthusiasts. During the festival you can attend to lectures, view climbing films, get informed on new gear used in the field of ice climbing and take lesson from professional instructors. Riksgransen resort offers many services, like training schools for avalanche, cafe and restaurant, medical facilities and resting areas.