Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Bjorkliden Fjällby, Kiruna, Sweden

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March to May
Björkliden lies at 250 km/155 mi inside the Arctic Circle in the majestic Swedish Lappland, the Europe’s last true and secret wilderness. Björkliden Fjällby offers great outdoors activities in a unique wild setting. The spot is a great starting point for all kind of hiking activity in the Kiruna area.

There are more than 10 known routes in the area to follow but there are many more to discover on this huge mountain part of Kiruna. July is the warmest month with temperatures from 13 to 23°C/55.4 to 73.4°F.

A great route to follow is to mountain Nuolja at 5 km/3 mi away, it’s an awesome place to visit, especially at night. Don’t miss to visit Karkevagge, at 12 km/7.5 mi from Bjorkliden. It’s a valley with ice, aged with more than 10.000 years ago. At the end of the valley is the lake Rissajaur, one of the clearest lakes in Sweden. You can also hike through the Wolf Pass to Laktatjakko Mountain Lodge (30 km/18.6 mi away) with a magnificent view of the Swedish Lapland. Other routes to follow: Navvy trail to the cemetery, the Crater lake or to Kiruna among the train rails.

There are many services in the resort like medical support, professional instructors, lodging, restaurant and bars.