Heli Skiing in Riksgränsen Ski Resort, Kiruna, Sweden

Drop height:
700-1000 m / 2296-3280 ft
Top spot:
Kebnekaise at 1500 m / 4921 ft
Best time to visit:
Until the end of May
Riksgransen ski resort is located in Kiruna Municipality, Lapland, Sweden. The spot is located at 200 km/124 mi in the north of the Arctic Circle and in the vicinity of the Norwegian borders. The spot is considered to be the ultimate destination for snow fans since the spot is Sweden's longest snow covered location.

In Riksgränsen, mountains offer drop heights from 700 to 1000 m/2230 to 3280 ft while the Kebnekaise peaks reaches up to 1500 m/4921 ft. The spot offers an extended skiing season, from February to June, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit the place and boost your adrenaline level in a fully snow covered setting.

From mid-May, the lifts operate under the midnight sun. At Riksgränsen ski resort the lifts cannot hold you inside the pistes. There is a helicopter ready to take you to the nearby mountains, where you can reach them only by air.

The temperature until April is dropping below zero, reaching at -20°C/-4°F, with January and February being the coldest ones. So be prepared for extreme weather conditions. With a heli skiing area of more than 5000 km²/1930.5 mi² and more than 200 mountains, you will never get bored while challenging your limits can become a daily habit on the spot.