Heli Skiing in Björkliden, Kiruna, Sweden

Max altitude climb:
1400 m / 4600 ft
Best period to visit:
March to May
Organized group excursions:
Bjorkliden lies at 250 km / 155 mi inside the Arctic Circle. It's one of the world's northernmost ski resort where modern ski has been born.

Bjorkliden, the world’s northernmost ski resort, where trends arise and legends are born. It is located between the Abisko mountains in the east, the Kebnekaise in the south and the Riksgransen mountains in the west. It’s a wild area of more than 100 mountain peaks. January is the coldest month with -4°C/24.8°F and July with 13 to 23°C/55.4 to 73.4°F.

You can make trips to the nearby mountains with the company of mountain guides at the comfort of a helicopter transfer. Discover unknown trails on untouched snow slopes, feel the experience of heli skiing over the mountain area of the resort, ski back down with the unbelievable view of the nearby lakes.

Ski resort provides with a helipad so heli skiing has never been easier. Contact the ski resort and training schools for trips info and area trails to ski.