Ice Climbing in North Lake Tahoe, Truckee, California USA

Level of difficulty:
Main falls :
164 ft/50 m wide, 230 ft/70 m long
Northstar California is a ski resort, located near Truckee, California, USA. It is a very big ski resort, covering 3170 skiable acres/12.83 km².

Near Northstar, at Tahoe Ski Resort in California, there is North Lake Tahoe. In North Lake Tahoe during winter time, you can feel the experience of ice climbing. There is a joke in Lake Tahoe about ice climbing. The joke is “here today, gone tomorrow”.

A big part of the ice is plentiful. Some areas that have seen quality action and are great for ice climbing as of late include Rainbow, Eagle Creek Canyon, Lover’s Leap, Cold Stream Canyon and Fallen Leaf Lake. Ice climbing is a very dangerous sport, so you must take care of your safety and make sure you have the appropriate equipment and guidance, especially if you are a beginner.

One of the best places to go ice climbing is Cascade Falls. Access is made from the Bayview Trailhead. At the west end of the lake, there is the waterfall, which usually makes a thick solid low angle flow that is perfect for beginners. Near the main waterfall, there is another reasonable mellow flow that is very climbable.

Level of difficulty is WI2 for both of these climbs. Main falls are about 164 ft/50 m wide, 230 ft/70 m long and many climb them in two pitches. On the sides, the lines are steeper and shorter, making the level of difficulty up to WI3. Most of these routes are 25-30 m/82-98 ft long. It is the perfect activity until the big snow comes.