Dog Sledding in Björkliden, Kiruna, Sweden

Evening trips:
Organized group excursions:
Best time to visit:
December to May
Northern Lights visiting time:
February to March
Bjorkliden lies at 250 km/155 mi inside the Arctic Circle. It's one of the world's northernmost ski resort where modern ski has been born.

Visit the resort’s husky camp, see the trained sled dogs, their homes and play with their puppies. Alaskan huskies are friendly dogs and used to visitors. Temperature varies from 13 to 23°C/55.4 to 73.4°F with January being the coldest month.

Dog sledding in the area is so much fun, the best way to come closer to nature and dogs. Take a history brief of sledding, learn everything about dogs, and why the explorers and hunters chosen dog teams as a means of transport through the desolate wilderness of Sweden.

The sledding dogs are long distance racing dogs, distance is not a problem, they are born to run! So long trips are depending on your stamina, not the dogs. There are many trips to the nearby area like the Kårsavagge of 8 km/5 mi trip, or the week tour to Saltoluokta (more than 300 km/186 mi trip).

At the resort you can even learn how to lead your own dog.  There are orientation and mushing lessons for beginners. There are also organized trips where you have the chance to see the Northern Light (Aurora Borealis), or travel to the nearby areas.