Caving / Spelunking in California Cavern, Angels Camp, California USA

Tour duration trail of lights:
60-80 minutes
Tour duration trail of lakes:
50-60 minutes
Bear Valley is a ski area located near Angels Camp, on highway 4, between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, approximately 3 hours southeast of Sacramento, California, USA.

Near Bear Valley lies Ebbetts Pass, which has one of the best known caverns, California Cavern. The cavern is located 11 mi/11.7 km east of San Andreas Mountain, on Mountain Ranch Road, 9565 Cave City Road, Mountain Ranch. Inside the cave you can enjoy the magnificent crystalline formations and the networked labyrinth of rooms.

The tours offered by experienced guides will teach you about the cavern formation and geology and also the rich history of  the cavern and the surrounding countryside. The trail of lights walk tour, a 60-80 minute tour with a guide on well lighted paths is perfect for the whole family. The trail of lakes walk tour, a 50-60 minutes tour that replaces The trail of light walk tour during wet season is also suitable for the whole family.

The mammoth cave expedition, a 2-3 hours tour gives you a sample of real spelunking by crawling and squirming  through some natural paths that connect via 13 chambers. The middle earth expedition, a 2 ½ -4 hours tour offers the opportunity to  explore almost 80% of the cave through the historic mammoth cave area and into the newly discovered middle earth area.