Caving / Spelunking in ”Grotta di Patone”, Dro, Trentino-South Tyrol Italy

300m/9.842ft a.s.l
Diference of level:
Horizontal cave with a limited gradient
Geological Character :
Corasional type
Trentino Region, in northern Italy, is a well known zone amongst the passionate fans of caving. The particular geological formation of the Dolomites Mountains and the continuous pass of floating water and steams have shaped the underground format of the area.

Although, the caves of the region they are not the deepest in Italy, their particular location and conditions which have formed them make those caves amongst the most interesting ones. The ”Grotta di Patone” or ”Bus del Diaol”,  is located in Dro at 30 km/18.64 mi on the southern of Trento. For visiting this cave, someone must be equipped with caving tools.

For exploring the cave, 2-3 hr are necessary but you will need 2 hr plus for reaching the opening of the cave. The cave is the result of the excavation of a currently deceased stream.  The cavity has five siphons where the second and the fifth are blocked from deposit sand.  For passing to the third siphon, it is necessary to clean the second siphon. The cave took  this nickname, ”Bus del Diaol”, due to the fear provoked by the flowed water.