Caving / Spelunking in ”Cave of Sant’ Angelo”, Ascoli Piceno, Abruzzo Italy

Depth :
Caving in Abruzzo region, in central Italy, can be a very pleasant and joyful experience for the enthusiast of the underground landscape.

Here in the Apennine mountain chain, this underground offers moments of real fun and excitement. Located in the Val di Palombaro, at 19 km/11.8 mi from Ascoli Piceno town, the cave of Sant’ Angelo is included among the most important caverns of the Italian prehistory due to its spectacular rupestrian designs (cave painting) on its walls. Many archeological excavations brought to the light testimonies dating back to Neolithic and Iron Age.

An impressive stratigraphical 3 m/9.8 ft high wall illustrate throughout the prehistoric and ancient history of the Italian peninsula. The cave is located at 1000 m/3580 ft a.s.l and it has rocky character. Consist of a single wide chamber and is characterized from the presence of numerous rainwater tanks. A natural trail-path leads to the entrance of the cave.