Caving / Spelunking in ”Grotte di Stiffe”, L’ Aquila, Abruzzo Italy

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For the enthusiast of speleology and spelunking, the numerous and particular caves in Abruzzo region offer moments of real fun and excitement, due to the geological conditions and the morphology of the Apennines zone.

Located in the municipality of San Demetrio né Vestini, at 16 km/10 mi south of L’ Aquila, the Grotte di Stiffe is one of the most impressive karstic formations in Italy. The cavity dates more than 60000 years old but it was explored and opened to the public only in 1920. The principal hallmark of the cave is the existence of a subterranean stream which along his way gives small ponds and waterfalls, whose height can reach more than ten meters.

The temperature inside the cave remains stable at 10°C/50°F. The overflowing water creates a sinkhole pond, called Caldaio, from where other underground paths are extended for several kilometers. Many of them are still and mainly unexplored. Often in winter season, due to the climate conditions, the access to the cave becomes difficult.