Mountain Biking in Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Kirkwood, California USA

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Kirkwood Mountain Resort is a year round resort in Kirkwood, south of Lake Tahoe, in El Dorado County, California, USA. Kirkwood is at 33 mi/53.1 km south of South Lake Tahoe, on State Route 88 and it is surrounded by El Dorado National Forest.

Mountain biking in Kirkwood is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. Dirt roads, bike parks, bike paths and single tracks are around the lake. In the mountains there are many mellow rides, plenty of steep and rocky precipices. Around Lake Tahoe, there are many bike shops offering sales, rentals and demos.

These shops also provide maps, tricks, extra tips, guide books, local lore, accessories and repairs. Bikes are not allowed in wilderness area, in the Pacific Crest Trail, in some parts of Tahoe Rim Trail and in self guided, nature trails at Lake Tahoe Visitor Center.

You should phone at the USDA Forest Services in South Lake Tahoe to get informed about the trails that are open for biking. Some of the biking trails are: Fountain Place, a 2-10 mi/3.2-16 km easy/moderate trail, Angora Ridge, a 2-4 mi/3.2-6.5 km moderate trail, Twin Peaks, a 1-2 mi/1.6-3.2 km moderate/strenuous trail, Meiss Trail, a 5 mi/8 km moderate/strenuous trail, Rim Trail, an 18 mi/29 km moderate/strenuous trail.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is a 3 mi/4.8 km technical/strenuous trail, Genoa Park, an 8-12 mi/12.9-19.3 km moderate trail, Brockway Summit to Martis Peak, a 5 mi/8 km moderate/strenuous trail, McKinney – Rubicon Road, a 6-15 mi/9.6-24.1 km moderate/strenuous trail and Marlette Lake/Flume Trail, a 5-23 mi/8-37 km strenuous trail.