Canopying in Whitesburg, Carroll County, Georgia USA

Sky Treck Bridge length / height:
600 ft/183 m / 190 ft/58 m
Height of sky bridges:
100 ft / 30.5 m
Cliff height of the zip line:
200 ft / 61 m
Zip line length:
900 ft / 274.3 m
High speed screaming eagle zip line:
0.5 mi / 0.8 km
Whitesburg belongs in Carroll County, Georgia, USA. It is a small town situated along the Chattahoochee River, southeast of the County. The town is known for an awesome recreational park.

This amazing park offers something unique compared to other adventure parks. One of the guided tours leads you into high extreme sky bridges, which traverse back and forth over the gorge at a height that exceeds 100 ft/30.5 m.

"Historic Banning Mills Zip Line"



The next step is to reach the Sky Treck Bridge, which is 600 ft/183 m long and raises upon the gorge at a height of 190 ft/58 m. The very next thing is to step off a 200 ft/61 m cliff and zipline the 900 ft/274.3 m long Predator line, which brings you to one of the Screaming Eagle Zip Lines.

You will come across the highest timber pole tower and the amazing 0.5 mi/0.8 km high speed Screaming Eagle Zip Line. You will live this notorious experience, that feels like stepping off a 30 story building. Bear in mind that the tour includes Pattern and Forest Plus tours.

All of these will be enchanted with the magnificent view of the Snake Creek Gorge and lush tree top canopies. This extreme Eco challenge is an one of a life time experience you must live and is part of the largest zip line tour course of the world according to the world Guinness records.