Canopying in Parc Sainte Assise, Vert Saint Denis, Paris, Ile-de-France France

Level of difficulty:
Physical Condition:
Minimum size:
1.40 m/4.7 ft
Rope size:
255 m/837 ft
Speed on the rope:
60 kph/37.3 mph
Paris is the capital and of course the most popular city of France. It is situated in the county's north on the River Seine, right at the heart of the Île-de-France region. It is a very important cultural, economical, political and educational center with amazing architecture. Paris is the city of lights and romance. However, Paris is also a city of a huge sporting activity with many different sports, performed in the greater Parisian metropolitan area. Athletes from all over the world come to Paris to live these amazing experiences of extreme sporting.

Can you imagine being right outside Paris performing canopying in a forest? It is possible in Parc Sainte Assise, Vert Saint Denis. It is an amazing huge park that serves a lot of different sporting activities. From a short walk to the forest to the most extreme route in canopying. You will pass from walkways consisted of bridges between trees in the canopy of the forest.

The walkways are in their biggest part linked up with platforms that are inside or around the trees. The walkways were originally intended to be accesses to the upper regions of ancients forests for scientists that where conducting canopy research. Today they serve as tourist walkways or a chance for one of the coolest extreme sports, canopying.

One very difficult to ride course is in Parc Sainte Assise. The level of the trail is almost impossible. The adrenaline course is not made for everyone. In order to come up with this challenge, you must be in excellent physical condition and use your muscles.

It is training in a dramatic atmosphere, where difficult workshops follow one another without respite. However those who reach at the end, they will be rewarded with a glide on a giant rope of 255 m /837 ft long, bordering with 60 kph/37.3 mph. Big hearts and big arms. Will you make it to the end?