Climbing Walls in Whitesburg, Carroll County, Georgia USA

Climbing wall height:
140 ft / 42.7 m (14 stories)
Climbing lanes:
2 of 95 ft / 29 m rappel walls, 4 overhangs, a chimney, a traversing overhang
Per hour including equpment and staff facilitator
Free climbing:
Staff assisted only
Whitesburg belongs in Carroll County, Georgia, USA. It is a small town situated along the Chattahoochee River, southeast of the County. The town is known for an awesome recreational park.

This park is every adrenaline and adventure enthusiast’s paradise. This world recognized park with two Guinness records in its favor, one for the longest zip line tour and one for the tallest freestanding climbing wall in the world, is waiting for you to perform your best climbing. The climbing wall stands at a height of 140 ft/42.7 m, which is 14 stories!!

Climbing lanes are 9 and include a couple of 95 ft/29 m rappel walls. Depending on your level of experience, you may start with the 5.5 route or if you prefer to challenge yourself mentally and physically, there is also the 5.12 route.  Each one of these routes is unique and dynamic, as you will come across 4 overhangs, a chimney and a traversing overhang.

If you manage to climb to the top, you will be awarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the Snake Creek Gorge. You can also try the thrilling 10 story controlled free fall to the ground. Bear in mind that due to the height of the wall, only staff assisted climbs are allowed. Your body weight must be at least 60 lbs /27 kg and not exceed 285 lbs/130 kg in order to climb this wall.

The climbing fee is per hour, including staff facilitator and all equipment. It is absolutely essential to make a reservation, before you come. The challenge to climb and conquer the top of this incredible structure will be outstanding!