Motocross in AMX Park, Bainbridge, Georgia USA

Urban, man made
200 - 250 ft / 61 - 76.2 m
Soil / features:
dusty, muddy when raining / jumps small and large, trees
Per rider, camping only in RV
Shops, lessons:
Bainbridge is a city that belongs in Decatur County, Georgia, USA. The county is situated southwest of the country and Bainbridge is right in the middle of the county, also being the county seat. Bainbridge is also known for the big off – road sporting activity.

Cairo is a city near Bainbridge with great off – road activity. One of the most popular motocross parks in Georgia, AMX Park, is there waiting for you to discover it. It is an urban man made track of an elevation of 200 to 250 ft/61 to 76.2 m. The soil is dust, muddy when raining and is the perfect place to practice or run free!

There are many jumps small and large, trees and plenty of space to perform all your tricks. The track is suitable for all levels of experience, but mostly amateurs, some novices and little experts. All the trails are public, watered and groomed. There are no limitations concerning the engine size. Public practice at the spot is held on Tuesday and Thursday between 10 am to 2 pm.

Fees are per rider and if you intend to camp, you will have to pay extra, if you use an RV. All the other camping ways are free. Amenities of the facility include laundromat, restrooms, a game room and vending machines. At the site, you will find a mechanic shop and motocross lessons. It is suggested to spend the entire day practicing on the tracks.