Poweriser / Jumping Stilts in Eiffel Tower, Paris, Ile-de-France France

Performed tricks:
Extreme jumping, running, acrobatics
Weight, few movements
Jump height:
3 – 5 ft/1 – 1.5 m
Running speed:
20 mph/32 kph
9 ft/2.7 m
Paris is the capital and of course the most popular city of France. It is situated in the county's north on the River Seine, right at the heart of the Île-de-France region. It is a very important cultural, economical, political and educational center with amazing architecture. Paris is the city of lights and romance. However, Paris is also a city of a huge sporting activity with many different sports performed in the greater Parisian metropolitan area. Athletes from all over the world come to Paris to live these amazing experiences of extreme sporting.

Paris as a cultural center attracts many athletes that perform sports as a form of art. One of them which is very entertaining both for the athletes and the spectators is Poweriser. The act of this sport is jumping and running by wearing elastic – like spring – loaded stilts. The meaning of the sport is different in between athletes. For some athletes it is an extreme sport, for other athletes it is a form of exercise or even an artistic expression.

The stilts are being used to perform extreme running, jumping and acrobatics. One of the best places to practice Poweriser is in Paris and specifically in front of the Eiffel Tower. The space is big enough for you to perform your tricks and there are plenty of spectators and tourists, willing to watch such a beautiful scene, like extremely elastic acrobatic dancers on stilts.

It is a public area so you should only be very careful not to fall over anyone who is just passing by.  In order to perform these tricks, you will have to use your weight and a few movements. Using these enhancers only, you are able to jump at 3 – 5 ft / 1 – 1.5 m off the ground and run up to 20 mph (32 kph). The stilts also give the ability to take up to 9 ft /2.7 m strides.

Put on your stilts and use all of these assets to perform the show of your lifetime in front of the magnificent Eiffel Tower. If you are a Poweriser and attraction enthusiast, Paris is the place for you!!