Paramotoring in Aérodrome de Persan Beaumont, Paris, Ile-de-France France

Flying speed:
15 - 45 mph/25 - 70 kph
Flying height:
Under 500 ft/152.4 m
Paramotor weight:
45 - 80 lb/20 - 36 kg
20 - 30 m/65.7 – 98.5 ft
10 m/33 ft
Paris is the capital and of course the most popular city of France. It is situated in the county's north on the River Seine, right in the heart of the Île-de-France region. It is a very important cultural, economical, political and educational center with amazing architecture. Paris is the city of lights and romance. However, Paris is also a city of a huge sporting activity with many different sports. Athletes from all over the world come to Paris to live these amazing experiences of extreme sporting.

In the vicinity of Paris, you can make the dream of flying come true, in an alternate way. Para-motoring is an extreme sport that looks like paragliding, only with an ultra light engine that the pilot wears on his back and provides enough thrust in order to take off by using an adapted para-glider or para-motor wing. It is highly addictive, so if you get started, you won’t be able to stop!

With para-motoring, you can observe the city of Paris from a totally different perspective. In Paris, para-motoring takes place at Persan Beaumont airfield which is located in a vast open plateau where you can enjoy an undisturbed flight. Due to its slow flight, para-motor allows you to discover the beautiful castles and villages. Aerial photography is one of the activities during the flight.

If it is your first time of para-motoring, you will be attached to your pilot who controls the para-motor. The control of the para-motor is very simple and secure. There are two commands that allow it to move, pull right to go to the right and pull left to go to the left. Lift off is at 20 – 30 m / 65.7 – 98.5 ft high and landing at 10 m /33 ft).

In order to fly a paramotor, you must hold a pilot paramotor microlight class. This requires to undergo training with an instructor, approved by the Directorate paramotor General of Civil Aviation. It is the most exciting motorized aircraft that is lightweight and compact, while you can carry it to the trunk of your car. It is an experience you shouldn’t miss.