Le Parcour / Free Running in Paris, Île-de-France, Ile-de-France France

Parkour moves:
Climbing, jumping, running, vaulting, quadrapedal movements, rolling
Stairs, curbs, rails, scaffolds, street lighting, streets, benches etc.
Entire city
Paris is the capital and of course the most popular city of France. It is situated in the county's north on the River Seine, right at the heart of the Île-de-France region. It is a very important cultural, economical, political and educational center with amazing architecture. Paris is the city of lights and romance. However, Paris is also a city of a huge sporting activity with many different sports, performed in the greater Parisian metropolitan area. Athletes from all over the world come to Paris to live these amazing experiences of extreme sporting.

Paris is the birthplace of an impressive sport that takes place in the entire city. Le Parkour is a holistic training discipline which uses movements that were developed out of military obstacle course training.

Parkour athletes’ aim is to move quickly and efficiently through the surroundings, using only their body to propel themselves while negotiating obstacles in between.

It is a non competitive sport which may be performed as an obstacle course, but most of the times is being practiced as a creative and sometimes playful subversion or reinterpretation of urban spaces. The original name was parcours but it changed because in its new form is more dynamic and stronger. In Paris parkour is like a form of art.

Anyone can practice parkour by having the proper physical and mental condition. Parkour athletes in Paris use climbing, jumping, running, vaulting, quadrupedal movements, rolling and sometimes even swimming if the moves are suitable for the situation.  Stairs, curbs, rails, scaffolds, street lighting even the street itself are some of the obstacles you might meet.

Paris itself is a huge arena for parkour training. It is the ideal location for parkour because of the magnificent scenery of the City of Lights.