Rock Climbing in The Narvau Gorges, Parc de Morvan, Burgundy France

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Rock type:
Located just at the gateaway of the Canton de Lormes in Nievre, Burgundy, the gorges of Narvau, within the Parc de Morvan, is an excellent location for rock climbing fans, especially for children.

The gorges of Narvau forms a small modest site of granite, with no steep climbing, excellent to initiate amateurs rock climbers. The simple equipment used on the spot, studs of 12mm, is considered safe enough for children or amateurs to take their first steps in rock climbing.

Many accommodation options within the Park and around the spot are available, restaurants and bistros with local french food and wine await you for a pleasant stay in Burgundy. Training sessions are organized by specialized schools, identified within the Park of Morvan.