Snowmobile in Mount Shasta, Redding, California USA

Over 250 mi/402.3 km
Mount Shasta is located in northern California, east of Interstate 5 along SR89, between Mount Shasta city and McCloud city, California, USA.

Mount Shasta is inside Shasta – Trinity National Forest. Mount Shasta is the second highest volcano in the Cascade Range. One of the things you should experience on Mount Shasta is snowmobiling. There are huge areas of valleys, hundreds of miles of groomed trails, breathtaking vistas, volcanoes and many more, all nestled around Mount Shasta, in the Sasha – Trinity National Forest, in Northern California.

There are more than 250 mi/402.3 km of trails that make a network, which can be accessed from four different trail parks : Doorknob on Forest Rd 49, Deer Mountain off Highway 97, Medicine Lake Link and Pilgrim Creek off Highway 89. Rent a sled out of many choices, as one person Rocky Mountain King’s and two person Trail Touring Deluxe’s.

Amenities offered are guided full moon rides, winter mountaineering trailhead access, snowmobiles to go, snowmobile delivery, off site guides, snowmobiles with drivers, long term rentals, industrial repairs access and forestry inspections with qualified snowmobile drivers and/or guides. It is recommended that you make a reservation first.