Snowmobile in Passo Tonale, Ponte di Legno, Trentino-South Tyrol Italy

Passo del Tonale:
1884m/6181ft altitude
Snowmobiling seems to be the most comfortable way to enjoy the snow. It is a high-speed relaxing way to reach distant spots or shelters, in high altitude, just to have lunch or dinner there.

The fans of snowmobiling get pleasure from their snow experience without the hard efforts that skiers and hikers or snowboarders must make.  It is a quite safe way, following of course the safety policy, to enjoy a ride on the snowy slopes, even with the family. In Trentino – Alto Adige region, in northern Italy, the use of snowmobiles is widespread, like in every snow-covered place, due to its convenience.

Passo Tonale offers excellent ski areas for the fans of snowmobiling and as well Ponte di Legno area. Snowmobile is safe, simple and easy to learn.  For those reasons, it is very popular. In the tourist winter resorts, they offer night ride in floodlight slopes while races of local or regional level are often held in the spot.