Snowboarding in Vigla, Pisoderi, Macedonia Region Greece

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Vigla is one of the biggest ski center in Greece. It's located on the Verno mountain, at 3 mi/5 km from Pisoderi, a small village, in Greece. Its altitude is up to 6361 ft/1939 m while its vertical drop falls down to 1377 ft/420 m. The view of Prespa Lake is one of the must sightseeing visit of the ski center.

It has 10 piste with Olympic standards and 5 lifts (2 aerial of 2 sheater, 3 slide). The snow covered hill can make you escape from your routine. The jumps when you snowboard take you high and the adrenaline keeps you alive. So, leave behind your cup of cappuccino, keep the smell and let’s have some action here.

Move your body and sing ”I feel high so high”. Make the snow feel pain with your board. If you are more sensitive, you can scare the snowflakes with your screams of happiness.Vigla ski center is one of the best for your extreme appetites.There are snowboard schools in the center with equipment and experts, in case you need. Tottis chalet is waiting for you, with 3 bars and a beautiful restaurants at your disposal. You should take a ride in Florina, at 18 km/11 mi from the ski center. Let its unparalleled natural beauty seduce your senses, breath the fresh air and feel the magic of the lakes. The hospitality and the urbanity of the people will make you leave with a smile. Near the place you can find restaurant, bars and comfortable accommodation.