Paramotoring in Bradenton Beach, Tampa, Florida USA

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
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Tampa is a big city located near Mexico Gulf, on the west coast of Florida. It is surrounded by two bodies of water that flow into the Gulf of Mexico, offering a subtropical climate, hot humid days during summer with frequent thunderstorms and light freezes during winter.

The city is very well organized in regard to activities and recreational parks. According to Forbes magazine, it is the 5th best outdoor city in the United States. Bradenton Beach is located in Anna Maria Island, an amazing tropical paradise situated at just a few miles.

With a wide open beach with sugar sand and amazing turquoise waters, this place is the perfect location for a wide variety of water sports. However, if you want to try something really exciting and unique, para-motoring is a great idea. In order to fly a para motor, you do not need to hold a a special pilots license.

Imagine guiding your self on an unforgettable tour over the amazing coastline of Anna Maria Island and having some of the best views of the Gulf of Mexico. The best thing about para-motoring is that you can take off from anywhere you like, as long as there is enough space on the beach, all year round even on days that are calm and reach a height of up to 8000 ft/2438 m.

If you have no previous experience, you can book tandem flights or take lessons so you can fly on your own. The best time to para-motor is late in the afternoon when crowds is gone and you will enjoy magnificent views of the sun going down. Certainly an adventure you will never forget.