Paramotoring in Torreira, Porto, Porto and North Portugal

Torreira is located in north of Porto, the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon. Porto is one of the oldest European centers and registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Although it's affected by the Atlantic ocean, the climate is semi-Mediterranean.

If you want to find a different way for a flight above clouds, then paramotoring is a good choice. Paramotoring is a generic name for the propulsive portion of a power paragliding. It’s a new experience of flight. It’s a combination of  adrenaline and mind explosion. So with this kind of sport, you can explore the ground horizon from the heights. The only thing you have to do is just to visit Torreira.

If you like  good wine, then port wine is a good choice. Port wine is named for Porto and it’s one of the most famous international exports of Portugal. In Torreira, you can also taste the port wine in all bar and restaurants in the area. Last but not least, a big variety of rooms to let is available around the location.