Paramotoring in Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio USA

Take Off GPS Coordinates:
41.4873 N, 81.7477 W
Landing GPS Coordinates:
41.4876 N, 81.7439 W
Flying Speed:
20 - 35 mph/32.20 - 56.33 kph
1 - 3 hrs
Cleveland is the most populous city in the state of Ohio and the county seat of Cuyahoga County, United States of America. It is located in the northeastern Ohio right on the southern shore of Lake Erie, only 60 mi/97 km west of the Pennsylvania border.

There are many parks in Cleveland, where you can enjoy yourself in many ways. One extreme way is trying air sports that are popular in the location since 1970. Paramotoring is one of them and Edgewater Park is ideal for this air sport in good weather conditions. Choose a good day after consulting a local pilot first, as in bad weather conditions that lovely spot can be transformed to a horrible one.

The altitude you can reach is up to 18000 ft/5486.4 m. However, many pilots prefer to fly between 2 and 2000 ft/0.6 to 610 m. The average speed is approximately 22 mph/35.40 kph. In order to reach this speed, the payload should range between 100 to 300 pounds/45.3 to 136.7 kg, and the weight of the paramotor 42 to 70 lb/19.5 to 32 kg depending on the design and power.

At this total you will have to add the 15 lb/6.8 kg of the paraglider and the 35 to 70 lb/15.8 to 32 kg of the cart. After getting up, you will enjoy a wonderful flight having the pleasure to observe the beautiful city of Cleveland and the surroundings for about 1 to 3 hours and for a distance of 40 to 70 mi/64.3 to 112.6 km, when the wind is calm. Be sure to know the orientation of the wind, as the spot is not good at southwest winds.

In order to fly with a paramotor, if you are not already an experienced pilot, you will need 3 to 4 days for the first flight and 5 to 6 days to become independent. It is worth the trouble though. If you enjoy nice views from above and high flights, this is the place to be!!!