Motorcycling in Teramo, Tordino Valley, Abruzzo Italy

Gran Sasso Monti della Laga Park:
1413.31 km² /545.68 mi²
Gorzano mountain:
2458 m/8064 ft high
Abruzzo region, in central Italy, is a great destination for the passionate of the two wheels. Motorcycling in the Apennines mountain chain can be a very stimulating adventure.

The massive, rocky mountain group creates exceptionally impressive scenery and an excellent natural routes’ network. The mild climate of the area allows motor – tours for longest period in a pleasant countryside. Teramo town is the starting point for many motorcycling tours. Situated in between the imposing Gran Sasso group and the Laga Mountains, Teramo is a must destination for any biker visiting central Italy.

From here starts one of the most enjoyable tours ending in the Valle delle Cento Cascate (Hundred Waterfalls Valley), on the foothills of Monte with its 2458 m/8064 ft long tour in the heart of Laga Mountains. Although Apennines Mountain Gorzano is not to be compared with the Alps, the possible motorcycling tours in Abruzzo has to offer excitement, challenging and very pleasure moments. Moreover, Abruzzo has to show a very remarkable gastronomy tradition and unique local products.