Surfing in Altmühlsee, Gunzenhausen, Bavaria Germany

Frontal and gusty
Flat and choppy
Gunzenhausen is a town in the Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen district, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the river Altmühl, at 19 km/12 mi in the northwest of Weißenburg in Bavaria and at 45 km/28 mi in the southwest of Nuremberg. Gunzenhausen is a nationally recognized recreation area, hosting Altmühlsee, a lake, situated in the beautiful broad valley of the Altmühl, which is one of the biggest national parks in Germany.

It offers the perfect conditions for surfing and other water sports too, providing 4 km/2.8 mi length and almost 1.7 km/1.9 mi width. Although the water is flat and choppy, the shore makes it easy to get in it.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry because you can find there all you need, both schools and equipment. Generally the winds are frontal and gusty. Especially in the Northwest, wind has sufficient time to stabilize over the lake and is then maintained at the spot. From Southwest to South the wind is lighter nearby the shore.

If you visit the place by car then you can park exactly at the point, but unfortunately there aren’t many accommodation opportunities. However, there are various hotels and other places you can spend your time with your friends at about 1.5 km/1 mi away from the lake. The place offers a lot of entertainment choices for all ages, whether you visit with your family or with your friends, starting from water sports to mini cruises around the lake and the small islands, named Vogelinsel, in the lake. So all you have to do is to pack your staff and not to forget your camera!