Motorcycling in NOLA Motorsports Park, New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Park features:
Race tracks, two tracks,three karting tracks
Forward thinking electronic systems
Road Course Track Specifications:
North Track, South Track, Full Track
New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, a major United States port and a metropolitan area. The city got its name by the French city Orléans, situated on the Loire River, Centre, France. New Orleans rests in the southeast of Louisiana, straddling the Mississippi River. It is bounded by the parishes of St. Bernard to the east, Jefferson to the west and south, St. Tammany to the north and Plaquemines to the south.

Only 20 minutes downtown from New Orleans, in Avondale Louisiana you will come across one of the most spectacular motorsports parks. NOLA Motorsports Park is an extremely popular road race facility among motorcyclists. When the park gets linked with the North Track it forms a 5 mi/8 km course, something that makes it the longest race track in North America.

NOLA Motorsports Park was designed by Alan Wilson, who designed two other amazing motorsports parks. All the tracks are covered with asphalt. In addition to the two international standard race tracks, the area also features two tracks (South Track and Full Course) under development, three karting tracks, on site speed shop, padlock, 8 ac/32375 m² autocross pad, clubhouse, single lane drag strip and for residents luxury villas.

The facility is also equipped and designed using forward thinking electronic systems. So it includes over 100 mi/161 km of fiber optics and the latest scoring and timing equipment. The road course track specifications are brilliant. The North Track, which is the long course is 2.57 mi/4.1 km long containing 16 turns, 3360 ft/1024 m straight and has 40–50 ft/12–15 m width.

The North Track also has shorter courses of 2.32 and 1.91 mi/3.7 and 3 km long, with 16 and 12 turns, 5090 ft/1551 m straight and with 40–50 ft/12–15 m width respectively. South Track is at phase 2 of development and it is 2.8 mi/4.5 km long with 13 turns, 3150 ft/960 m straight and with 40–50 ft/12–15 m width.

Full Course is also at phase 2 of development currently being 5.5 or 4.64 mi/8.8 or 7.4 km long. The tracks have all been built to the highest industry standards and offer fast, safe, challenging and exciting riding, no matter the level of use. So if you are a speed fanatic, this is the place you should definitely ride your motorcycle.