Four Wheel Driving in Dirty Turtle Offroad Park, Bedford, Kentucky USA

750-900 ft /229- 274 m
Bedford is a 6th class city and the county seat in Trimble County, Kentucky, United States.

Four Wheel Driving is an activity that can be greatly exercised in the famous Dirty Turtle Offroad Park. The park is located in Bedford, KY and invites all four wheel driving enthusiasts to spend their time in a productive way.

It sits at an elevation of 750-900 ft /229- 274 m and offers 270 ac/1.10 km² of woods trails. The trails in the park are not rated and are lightly maintained. While exercising your activity, you pass through some hazards, which are marked for your safety. It is a park that is addressed mostly to amateur riders, some novices and little experts.

The park is open for practice on Fridays from 5 pm -8 pm , Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Also, keep in mind that you should always wear your helmet.

There is no doubt that this spot will offer you endless entertainment. So, don’t miss visiting it!