Quad Biking in Clear Fork Resort, Butler, Ohio USA

Climate type:
Trails length:
13 mi/21 km
Opening schedule:
Butler is a village located near Mansfield in Richland County, Ohio, USA. It is located in the central Ohio and is part of Mansfield, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Butler is small, but it has a lot of off road fun surrounding it, as nearby lies one of the most amazing quad biking terrains, the Clear Fork Resort. It is a multi-sport resort, but quad biking sets apart, as trails are specifically made for ATV’s.

The resort lies at an elevation of 1100 to 1300 ft/335.3 to 396.3 m, featuring a terrain of 191 ac/0.77 km². The trails are 13 mi/21 km long and contain many features, as trees, many intersections, singletracks, berms, small jumps, large jumps, water crossings, steep hills, hard pack, mud, creeks, rocks, fields and loose dirt.

All these awesome features make trails mostly suitable for beginners, leaving some fun to intermediate drivers and experts, riding in the mud and performing a lot of tricks. The facility has an opening schedule. It is suggested to visit the website before you come, as weather conditions are mentioned everyday.

If you wish to camp at the primitive camping, it is essential to call for reservations, as it has limited spots. All the trails are heavily maintained, but not marked or rated. Some hazards exist, but are assumed to be marked. Caution is always necessary though.

You might meet some riders traffic, so be careful. Spend the day at this facility and although ATV trails are closed in the winter, you can always enjoy a drink at the cafe and bar of the resort or be a spectator of scheduled events, taking place all year round.