Motocross in Off Road Ranch, Norfolk, Nebraska USA

Climate type:
Urban, man-made
456 - 486 m / 1496 - 1596 ft
Enjoy yourself in the beautiful city of Norfolk, which is located in Madison County, Nebraska, United States. Norfolk is located at 187 km / 113 mi in the northwest of Omaha and at 133 km/83 mi in the southwest of Sioux City.

In this incredible city, you will have the opportunity to come in touch with the exciting activity of motocross. Off Road Ranch lies at Norfolk and provides you with the appropriate features for enjoying this activity for good.

It is an urban, man-made track, which sits at an elevation of 456 to 486 m / 1496 to 1596 ft. In 30 ac/ 0.12 km² of terrain, you will find freestyle ramps, a main motocross track, a peewe track and flat oval track. The spot also hosts many races and music events. This year round park is addressed mostly to amateur riders, some novices and little experts.

It is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm and while you ride, don’t forget that helmets are of paramount importance. A spark arresting silencer is not required but is always recommended. Furthermore, before you visit this place, you are required to obtain you motocross insurance. The parking lot and entrance are free, whereas for riding you have to pay ($20.00 per day). For camping, which is allowed only in developed areas, you have to pay a certain amount of money.

So, stop wandering around for motocross track, as Off Road Ranch is the place to be!