Mountain Biking in Bender Road Trail, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Trail length:
1.2 mi/1.9 km
Trail level:
Trail type:
Cincinnati is situated in Hamilton County, Ohio, USA. The city is nestled on the north bank of the Ohio river right at the border of Ohio-Kentucky, near Indiana.

Cincinnati is a big and popular city for many different things. One of them is the amazing mountain biking trails that are in a short distance, allowing every ambitious mountain biker to live his/her dream and ride on these trails.

One of the trails that sets apart is the Bender Road Trail, as it is directed to those who know how to handle their two wheel bike, experts only. The trail starts out with extreme singletrack, winding through some trees. Occasionally you might stumble upon a log or two on the path.

The climbs are deceiving, as they seem short and not very technical, but the downhill that comes after is pretty technical. While passing the fire pit, use extreme caution, due to the existence of a 40 ft/12.2 m plunge to the left of the next turn.

You will observe that the trail opens up at the bottom of Bender road, so you have two choices. Either use a friend shuttle you up to the top again or huff it up the Bender road. This trail is back up and running.

If it is your first time riding, it is recommended to be prepared for a descent downhill and a cliff that you could easily ride off of towards the trail end. This trail is highly rated among mountain bikers and is an “Out of bounds” mountain biking destination.