Motocross in Bosville Terrain de motocross, Le Havre, Upper Normandy France

GPS Coordinates:
49.74716000, 0.69622000
Type of equipment:
Motocross circuit
Maneuvering area:
15000 m²/161458 ft²
Width / length:
5 m/16.4 ft - 1.1 mi/3 km
Approach to environmental quality:
Le Havre is a city, situated on the right bank of the river mouth of Seine on the English Channel, in northwestern France, at the Seine-Maritime department of the region Haute-Normandie. Although it is not a very populous city, it is the most populous commune in the Haute-Normandie region and the second largest prefecture in France, right after Reims. The port of Le Havre is the second busiest after Marseille.

Le Havre is not only known for the big port and natural beauty but also for its peoples’ love and enthusiasm for athletic activities. In particular, motocross is a sport that has gained a lot of fans, residents or visitors. Bosville Terrain de motocross lies close to Le Havre in Bosville.

It is a natural soil terrain of a remarkable maneuvering area of 15000 m² / 161458 ft², with trail length ranging at approximately 3 km / 1.1 mi long and sufficient width for many motocross riders (5 m/16.4 ft wide). Beneficiaries of the trail are either clubs or individuals.

If you prefer to ride your motocross during the night, there is lighting enough to lighten up the whole terrain. The terrain can be used for training, recreation or performance improvement. The soil approaches environmental quality so it is the perfect place to practice your tricks.

You should bear in mind that there are no facilities like showers or changing rooms. There are locker rooms though. The terrain is exclusively seasonal so it is highly recommended that you call beforehand so as to make sure that it is open for use. If you are a motocross enthusiast and you are in or near Le Havre, this is the place for you.