Motocross in Oak Ridge MX, Garwin, Iowa USA

950 - 1000 ft /290 - 305 m
Climate Type:
Urban, man-made
Garwin is a city located in Tama County, Iowa, United States. Union Grove State Park is situated 4 mi/6.4 km northwest of the city and it boasts a public beach, where many visitors have fishing, camping and hiking opportunities.

Have you ever tried to enjoy yourself in an extreme way? If not yet, visit Oak Ridge MX , located in Garwin, that has something to offer to everyone. Just replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity and let yourself witness what is called Motocross activity.

This new motocross track opened for practice during the fall of 2013. It is an urban, man-made track, which sits at an elevation of 950 to 1000 ft /290 to 305 m. Oak Ridge MX offers a main outdoor style track and a mini track for little guys as well. The track is consisted mostly of loose dirt, little hard pack and little dust. It is also covered by berms and few trees. Having the ability for many small jumps and some large, this place shouldn’t be missed for the world!

There are few hazards, which are marked, but still ride with caution. Don’t forget that helmets are mandatory! In order to get informed about the practice schedule, have a look on facebook. Oak Ridge MX is addressed mostly to amateur riders, some novices and little experts. The parking lot and entrance are free, whereas for riding, you have to pay $ 30.00 per rider. So, try this alternative way of entertainment and you will never regret it!