Motocross in MCC Rognée, Charleroi, Wallonia Belgium

Trail length:
2000 m (6562 ft)
Trail width:
10-12 m (33 – 39.4 ft)
Clay, sand,wood chips
Two double jump chairs, 8+3 single jump tables, a raise on each turn
Charleroi is the capital of the province of Hainaut and a municipality of Wallonia. It is a big metropolitan area ranked in the fifth place as the most populous city in Belgium after Brussels, Antwerp, Liège and Ghent. Charleroi straddles both banks of the river Sambre in a marked by industrial activities area.

In 1978, a circuit was created on the site Marginières to Rognée. Throughout the years, that circuit was used in many off-road ways until after many modifications and alterations, it ended up to be a circuit spot for motocross and some other off-road sports.

The circuit now meets the two main European standards 2000 ± 10 m / 6562 ± 33 ft long and 12 m /  39.4 ft wide. The whole area is divided in four circuits, one for motorcycles over 125 cm3, one for children with normal bikes, one for children starting system and one for quads.

The main circuit is 2000 m / 6562 ft long, and 10-12 m / 33 – 39.4 ft wide. Soil is clay with sand and wood chips. The main trail consists of two double jump chairs, 8 plus 3 single jump tables of 20 to 25 m / 66 – 82 ft and a raise on each turn. Around the terrain, there are three spaces, one parking lot for drivers, a space for spectators and a VIP space.

In order to enhance the sound quality of the environment, a bund of 4 m / 13.1 ft high has been created around the circuit. Also, in compliance with the Walloon Belgian and European standards, thousands of trees and shrubs have been planted across the circuit.

If you want to stay for the weekend in your own motor-home, the parking lot is available with facilities like electricity connection, running water and 6 toilets and showers are provided all in a rural trees setting. Each week the circuit is being maintained so it is in perfect condition for you to ride it. By combining a weekend stay with motocross, you make the best choice for some short holidays.